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crafting virtual experiences

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We are creative catalysts.

When we take on your project, we’re asking you to join our team, and don’t worry, we’ll join yours! We’ll meet you where you are—anywhere in the process, anywhere in the world.

We’re confident in who we are and how we work. We're a team that is dedicated, a team that is gritty, a team that will roll up our sleeves and take on any task to ensure every detail is right.

brands we’ve

Drew and the MUCH team are immeasurably valuable to my team's success. They are dedicated to quality, customer first service, and extremely talented.
- Irene Thomas, Head of Regional Marketing,
Google Cloud

A remarkable example of collaboration . Much tended to our every need and made the planning of our online showcase simple.
- North American Design Division

Valued partners and an extension of our team.  Drew has consistently supported our banking family during our brand transition and we look forward to continuing our relationship with the talented group at Much.

Much was a valuable asset to have during difficult times.  Their management professionals were on point, knowledgeable and exceptional peeps to be around.  Highly recommended.

From large events to small programs, MUCH's work always exceeds expectations .  They constantly serve to delight customers and those they serve.  Imaginative, attentive, insightful, diligent, exceptional, the list of descriptors for MUCH goes on and on.
~Maria Q. Delighted Enterprise Customer

Absolutely loved working the with much team! They helped our client create a successful launch party!
-AJ Picard, founder
Sauce Designs

much manifesto:

Being much more isn’t just hard work. It requires transparency, good intuition, and listening. We’re here to collaborate with you, celebrate with you, and encourage you to make big, bold choices because we believe in clients becoming friends.

We believe in giving a damn.

We facilitate the journey of collaboration and we’re confident in our ability to integrate, yet think outside of, your every-Sunday-night-meatloaf comfort zone.

We believe in dancing.

We are full service: bringing together strong vendors, who are an extension of us, to create consistent, scalable resources and strong partnerships that are founded on genuine synergy.

We invest in well-made, multipurpose items and people who are driven by passion and purpose.

where we work:

who we are:

Drew Fockler



A pioneer in pushing creative boundaries, Drew consistently over-delivers imaginative designs forging excellent client relationships. Speaking of over-delivers...did we mention he has six kids?

Arrenvy Bilinski

senior brand strategist


An edgy outdoor enthusiast and keen traveler with a soft spot for exceptional theatrical production and well-placed humor. Give this woman a headset!

Teal Sexton

project manager


Armed with branded clipboard and color-coded binders, Teal is a human map legend. Just ask her about her Disney vacation spreadsheets...

veteran owned & operated

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